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Rift Actuators was founded in 2011 with the overview of providing a product which incorporates innovation, advanced technology, with ease of use in controlling a host of butterfly, ball and gate valves, for the continually growing worldwide valve market.

Our designers challenged themselves with looking at the current valve actuators being offered to valve manufacturers, with the valves that are used to control the flow of fluids or gases in process systems must be opened, closed, or throttled frequently.

Manually positioning these valves using handwheels or levers is not always practical. Instead of handwheels or levers, either hydraulic, pneumatic, or both, with a motorised concept which are often used to position the valves.

This is where the ‘Smart Actuator’ concept of product was envisaged, using a host of integrated features, with the use of ‘RIFT technology’, (Reduced Induction Field Technology) a patented multi motor concept, giving the benefits of increased power to weight density, with lower inrush current.

This started the Rift Actuator Concept.

In 2012 – 2013 the technology and various prototypes became more established and the first Patent application was submitted.

2014 – 2017 was the start of a new and developing progression in the company as the application for the Horizon 2020 Grant was successful.

This Grant gave the company extra funding for further innovation on the designs, and the manufacture of prototype actuators within the current product range.

Between 2016 and 2019 the concept of the Rift Actuators had now developed to the stage of manufacturing and supplying to the global marketplace.

The product range consisted of four Actuators, Small, Medium, Large and the Subsea.

Each Actuator packed full of the latest technology and torque capabilities with unique features to make the customers installation, commissioning, flexibility and ease of use for the application.

In this time period the company had grown with forming many relationships with clients worldwide and supporting a diverse range of customer requirements in many different sectors.

The transition from a Research and Development company to a Commercialised sales and marketing company has started in 2019, with the official release of the Small Actuator, the latest compact and robust Actuator catering for torque specifications of a lower rating to standard requirements.

This has already gained interest within the UK market attracting specialist companies such as Fire Suppression Systems and many more.

A brief overview of our complete range of truly smart actuators is as follows.