ISO 9001 Certificate

Large Actuator

The Rift Large 100 – 200 Nm Actuator is a newly designed Actuator that was developed to support higher torque ratings. At Rift Actuators we use the best composite materials in the construction process that allow for a durable and robust product. Due to the higher torque requirements we have developed a highly robust internal gearbox. Like all our Actuator product range, we offer optional features (wiggle, multiturn, failsafe, modulation, torque control and speed control) that can suit the specific needs of our customers. We can manufacture Aluminium Drive Adaptors to customers specifications, and by using Aluminium we ensure a robust and stronger valve stem mounting point. The Large Actuator can be manually and remotely operated through our Bluetooth application. Touch pads are located on the top of the Actuator for precision installation to valve stems and general mounting. Drive Adaptors come in 17mm square and can be customised to customer specifications.

Feature Rich

We bring high end and high value features to our product range. This allows greater functionality for the end customer and opens added value opportunities for all partners.

Easy Setup

We streamline the traditional actuator setup processes with simple to use control applications allowing quick setup through a range of devices. (No more fiddling and frustration with cams).

Energy Efficient

Due to the patented RIFT Driven Technology we have unique energy saving properties which can not be matched, on average we save the end customer more than 75%.

Covered by Patent

All our products are protected by a range of UK, European and American patents and IP protections registered in most of the world’s major markets.

Made in Britain

Following a great tradition in British manufacturing, we design, protoype and produce in the UK.

Standard Features

  • Working Time 0° - 90° - 25 Seconds
  • Torque – Up to 200Nm
  • Anti-Condensation Heaters
  • Cable Entries – 2x 20mm Cable Glands
  • ISO5211 Mounting – F07, F10
  • Output Drive (Square) – 17mm
  • Output Drive Orientation – 0° or 45°
  • Ingress Protection – IP67
  • Voltage Range – 12-30v DC, 24v & 80-300v AC
  • End of Travel Relays - <300v/900mA
  • Ambient Temperature Range - -20°C to 70°C
  • Weight 3.4kg
  • Manual Control – Via Local Buttons
  • Bluetooth Control – Via Android App
  • Positional Indicator – Visual Positional LEDs
  • Indication Mode – 2 Way, L & T Mixing/Diverting
  • Reverse Acting – Close CCW
  • Calibration Mode – Open/Closed Position & Angle

Optional Features

  • Speed Control
  • Failsafe – NC, NO, Stay Put, Specific Angle
  • Multi-Turn – 360°<
  • Modulation/Process Control - 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10v
  • Modulating Loss of Signal – Close, Open, Stay Put, Specific Angle
  • Wiggle – Angle/Frequency
  • Off Grid Capability
  • Custom Drive Adapter