ISO 9001 Certificate

Small Actuator


The Rift Small 0 - 30Nm Actuator is the newest edition to our product range. This small Actuator is lightweight, compact and versatile in its capabilities.

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Medium Actuator


The Rift Medium 40 - 100 Nm Actuator has been a huge success for the company and has been utilised worldwide in various locations and industries.

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Large Actuator


The Rift Large 100 - 200 Nm Actuator is a newly designed Actuator that was developed to support higher torque ratings.

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Subsea Actuator


The Subsea 100 - 400 Nm Actuator is a niche product of ours as this Actuator can be submerged to depths of 750 metres and has been hyperbaric tested to 780 metres.

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